July 22-23 : 1100 am


Ever abruptly wake up in the middle of the night, sweat running down your forehead, a vivid dream slowly disintegrating from your awareness? You can still recall elements that seem so real...the flashing of lights playing amidst the dark shadows of trees, the residual numbness in your hands still reeling from gripping your bar too tightly, sore aching muscles in your thighs that are palpable just behind the pain of the cramp in your calf, a dry mouth still tasting of dirt and sweat. Yeah, me too. In fact, it's a dream that is shared by each one of us who had the pleasure of experiencing the 24 Hours of Killbuck at Vulture's Knob.

Who would have thunk when we were banging out laps in the middle of the night years ago that the experience would resonate so vividly now. It's been persistent, clawing at the back of our awareness, and we knew it was time. Welcome back.

2017 marks 25 years of mountain biking at the Knob and a new guardian, The Friends of Vultures Knob. To celebrate, join us for 25 hours of exhilarating racing, encouragement with equal parts taunting from your teammates, and relaxing with friends as we watch the night slowly give way to the first rays of sunshine. We guarantee an experience that will build friendships and memories carried for a lifetime. Dr. Knob once said... "The beauty of mountain biking is its closeness to nature. Mother nature has taught me many things and one thing for certain, she isn't easy. For that reason, it was always my thinking that mountain biking shouldn't be easy! If there's no challenge, no extreme, no fear then what's the point! If you're not tested in what you pursue then how can one have any sense of accomplishment, gratification or fulfillment? I've been called a brutal, cruel and evil man by some riders. Why one lady told me I was a Sadist! I just smiled and said, why thank you. You see, Mother Nature did the work, we just added the finishing touches!"

We challenge you to forge your own tale and ride in a blaze of glory and become part of the VK folklore. Endurance racing is not only known to produce epic battles between teams but to create bonds of friendship that transcends the years. Sure, there are plenty of races, but this is an EXPERIENCE, and it is best shared.

We encourage Pre registration to help us plan for you! Day of Race will be available at an increased cost.

**EVENT WEATHER UPDATE: ** Event delays, cancellations and other weather related information will be posted here.


Click here for online registration - registration is OPEN!
Online pre-registration closes July 19th at midnight.
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This is no race to lollygag, cruise and dawdle, here you gotta push, pedal, jump and corner!

10:30 Riders meeting at the cabin
10:45 Tricycle Le mans staging
11:00 start time


ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION - registration closes Friday July 19th at Midnight

$250.00 per team / $62.50 per person, a price reduction of $30 from last race!

Special pricing for "high school only" teams: $100 per team / $25 per racer
(Must be eligible for 2017/2018 high school season)

All teams pre-registered by July 8th receive an event T-Shirt, A limited number of tees will be available for sale at the event for $20

Day of Race registration - $400.00 per team / $100.00 per racer ...yeah, we want you to pre-register ;)

SOLO - $50.00 pre-registered, $75.00 day of race

This is a Friends of Vulture's Knob Fundraiser. All proceeds will go directly to the trail system.

CATEGORIES (up to four participants)
- 4 Person Coed (any combo you can cook up)
- 4 Person Male
- 4 Person Female
- Solo 13 hour Men
- Solo 13 hour Women

roughly 6.8 miles per lap. somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour per lap dependent on fitness and ability

Quick FAQs

We could use a couple volunteers to help with just about anything you'd be willing to help with. Please inquire at the registration table or hit the contact us link in upper right hand corner to send us an email.

Camping is available no additional charge - sites are first come first serve

Staging Area/Pit/Feed Zone:
At the start/finish area there will be designated areas for racers and their crews to place tents, food, parts. we encourage teams to line up EZ ups along the transition lane for the best heckling/viewing/fun.

Will the old Killbuck trails be resurrected for this race? No, the land is privately owned and is no longer part of Vulture's Knob.

Spare Bike:
This is grass roots racing, a fun encouraging environment is encouraged. For this race a spare bike may be kept in the staging/pit area. If the racer makes it back to the staging area the contestant is allowed to re-enter the race where he left off and finish that race as not to have a DNF.

General Rules:

No license is required

This is a fun fundraiser so we are aiming to keep it simple and...well..fun. Its up to each teams strategy and racers individual ability who does what lap at what time and how many laps.

Start time for the race will be at 11:00 AM on Saturday for both the 13 hour solo and 25 hour team event. 13 hour solo will end at midnight, awards presented at end of 25 hour race noonish the next day.

Will the start utilize a Le mans style starting procedure?

Absolutely, but with a twist. Each team will be required to bring a kid's tricycle for a start lap around the cabin. At the completion of the lap, your first rider will head out into the trail system. If you forget your tricycle, your team will set off after the last tricycle rider has completed the initial cabin lap. Solo riders will depart at the start of the Le mans tricycle lap. All riders on deck; those riders who are waiting for their teammate to complete a lap, must be waiting in the transition area and logged into your teams manual timing sheet no later than 15 minutes prior to their teammates completion of the lap.

Each team must designate both a team captain and co-captain. All correspondence for a team before, during and after the race must be conducted through and only through the team captain. In the event that a team captain is unavailable the co-captain may represent the team. However, only team captains may file protest. Team captains and co-captains are required to attend the pre-race meeting, we also encourage you to invite your entire team to the meeting as an opportunity for them to clarify any questions regarding the event prior to start time.

Only team members and support workers are allowed in the rider transition area while the race is being conducted.

This is grass roots racing. A rider on the course may be supported on the course only by other registered riders. Those riders may be from a different team and must enter the course under their own power, either on foot or on a bicycle. Any rider who has entered the course in support of another may bring equipment and tools and may even swap bikes with the rider in need of support. Cannibalizing bike parts is permitted in this race.

Anyone, including other racers, may supply a racer on the course with food and water. However, racers taking on food or water must exit and stay clear of the course. Water will be stationed at the start/finish area. It is important that no one litter the course. Any racer found intentionally littering the course with a gel packet, food wrappers or other waste will be publicly addressed and humiliated at any given chance by anyone and will be asked to walk the track and pick up all the garbage left by the race. Tread lightly and take out what you bring in. Keep our trails beautiful.

Lapped riders must yield to riders in the lead. Any rider attempting to overtake another must be vocal. Phrases like "track left", "track right" must be shouted out. A challenging rider must overtake a lapped rider safely and lapped rider must yield on a challenging riders first command.

Riders must have a primary light rated at a minimum of six watts or 150 lumens during the night ride. Riders must also carry a secondary light such as a small flashlight, penlight or similar lighting system.

Racers entering the course after 8:00 PM and before 7:00 AM must have their light mounted and be able to demonstrate that they are properly functioning. Riding with lights off at dusk or in the dark in an effort to conserve energy is dangerous and will not be permitted. Any team found riding with their lights off will be disqualified. All lights on/lights off times will be announced and are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Announcements of the exact times will be made during the race.

Each racer is responsible for their lighting system and battery supply. All racers should label their batteries and chargers with their team name. The Friends of Vulture's Knob will not be responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

All co-ed teams are required to have a minimum one person of the opposite sex in order to be considered in contention...no kidding...that's why its called a co-ed team.


Each racer must log in at the check-in station located at the pavilion near start /finish area. Each team will have a log-in sheet where each rider will enter their name next to the lap number they are about to complete. Once the lap number is associated with you the rider you may proceed to the transition area. A team baton will be used and must be passed from the rider completing a lap to the next teammate. Once the baton has been handed off, the rider may proceed. If the rider is to continue on for another lap he or she must ensure that the team check in log has the correct rider name next to each lap. Lap times will be recorded prior to the transition area. Any team who lost their baton will receive a five-minute penalty. If a team cancels a rider's lap and is starting the lap over with a new rider, a new baton will be issued without a penalty. However, the team's original baton must be returned to the registrar. The lap time recorded for the rider failing to complete the lap will be used as the lap time for the new rider. Teams should be sure that each rider is logging in correctly.

A rider who has entered the course must complete his or her lap. Rider substitutions can only be made at the transition station. In the event that a female rider on a team with only one female rider should have to withdraw from the race due to injury or illness, she must have completed one lap in order for that team to qualify. Should a team lose a teammate for the entire race to injury of illness that team may continue to compete.

The ending time for the race is 12:00 PM on Sunday. All laps must be completed by 12:00 PM on Sunday. Any racer still on the course after 12:00 PM Sunday will be riding for pure enjoyment and the lap will not be counted. The final finishing places are to be determined by the total number of laps completed prior to 12:00 pm Sunday and the order in which each team completed the final lap.
The ending time for the race is 12:00 AM which is 13 hours after you started. Another way of saying this is you start at eleven and end at midnight. All laps must be completed by midnight. Any racer still on the course after 12:00 will be riding for pure enjoyment and the lap will not be counted. The final finishing places are to be determined by the total number of laps completed prior to 12:00 am and the order in which each team completed the final lap.

Team with most laps wins, tie breakers will be determined by fastest overall time.

Each racer that begins a lap must finish the same lap for lap to be scored.

Racer changes can only be made in the transition area.

Transfer of team baton to next rider must be done only in transition area.

Each racer will receive a number plate and must be in place for each lap.

General Racing Rules

see rules and regulations under the resources tab



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