Camp Tuscazoar - Tuscazoar Twain Reign of Pain | May 20 2017


Bonnie and Clyde
Frank and Jessie James
Butch and Sundance

Noteworthy adventure often begins with a team of two. Painful, soul testing experience that pushes one's perceived concept of possible is better when shared. It takes two to make-a things go right.

It is with this understanding that we invite you to find a partner in crime and join 331 Racing and the Dirt Line Organization for the TUSCAZOAR TWAIN REIGN OF PAIN.

Tackling one of Ohio's newest trail systems, Camp Tusc is a cross country course with narrow single track, exposed roots, tire chewing rocks, and 1200' of steep climbing per 5.5 mile lap that will reveal breath taking, oxygen deprived vistas; OLD SCHOOL. Ya know, how racing used to be before technical ability gave way to fast and flowy coaster rides.

Racing as a team, alternating laps, affords the opportunity to push your engine into the anaerobic zone, then gratefully hand off the baton to your hesitant partner while you collapse in a quivering heap, smiling with the knowledge of the suffering that is about to beset them. Don't get too comfy cozy though, as your turn will eventually come back around to bite ya once again.

Your team has 6 hours to leave its mark indelibly imprinted in mountain bike history, choose a partner who is strong, determined, fun, and a wee bit crazier than you.

This is a classy fund raising event to help the Dirt Line Organization expand their system over more heinous terrain; black tie, while not mandatory, is recommended.

The TUSCAZOAR TWAIN REIGN OF PAIN, a proper social event for the sadist, please RSVP.
"A PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY EVENT due to team format" First 60 to register receive commemorative pint glass

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: see details tab below

**EVENT WEATHER UPDATE: ** Event delays, cancellations and other weather related information will be posted here.

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8:00am to 9:00am - registration and course preview
9:30am - race start

Race Fees:
Open divisions $45 per person
Novice/Sport divisions: $45 per person

Race Categories:

Co-Ed Team - open division (cash)
Female Team - open division (cash)
Male Team - open division (cash)

Co-Ed Team - novice/sport division
Female Team - novice/sport division
Male Team - novice/sport division

Lap Count
Open categories will race 8 laps (time limit cutoff at 6hrs. 30 minutes)*
Novice/Sport categories will race 6 laps (time limit cutoff at 6hrs. 30 minutes)*
* Teams that do not make the cutoff will be scored per the laps and time completed - Cutoff is NOT a DNF cutoff.

See the resources tab for a map of the course.

Is pre-riding the course permitted? YES - simply make sure to sign in at the parking lot. Trail closes at 8pm. From the parking lot look for the pioneer point trail sign behind the museum and the trail is marked in the direction the race will go.

The Camp Tuscazoar trail system is one of Ohio's newest trail systems maintained by the Dirt Line Group in cooperation with the Camp Tuscazoar Foundation and open to the public. The Dirt Line group is hard at work raising funds for the development and construction of the next generation of trails at Camp Tuscazor. Keep up to date at


Starting Procedure: Each team must have a first rider designated to start the race. The first rider must check in at the timing table at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. They will receive their baton for the first lap when they log-in. Each racer must log in to their team log-in sheet prior to each lap. The login sheet will simply contain 2 columns and you will place your name next to the lap number you are about to begin. Once logged in simply proceed to the transition area and wait for your teammate.

Pre-race meeting: The first rider from each team must attend the pre-race meeting. All racers are encouraged to attend.

Special Race Rules

- Novice/Sport classes may have no more than one expert per duo team. If a protest is filed a sport team may be disqualified if both riders have previously competed as expert riders in a mountain biking event.
- Each team rider must carry a baton to be passed to the next rider. Any racer requesting a replacement baton for a lost baton will be issued a replacement after a 2 minute holding penalty.
- Each team rider must complete the specified number of laps. Open class riders must complete 4 laps each and novice/sport class riders must complete 3 laps each. Laps may be ran in any order as long as each racer completes the required number of laps.
- It is the team's responsibility to verify that each racer is logged-in prior to each lap.
- In the event of imminent danger due to weather or another extenuating circumstance the race director may call the race and close the course. No racers will be permitted to start any additional laps after the course is closed. Final results will be based on finishing position of the last racer on the course at the time of the closure.
- Racers must display their race number the front of their bikes. No modifications may be made to the number plate.

General Racing Rules

see rules and regulations under the resources tab

With over 600 acres of forested hills and valleys along the banks of the Tuscarawas River, rich with Indian lore and local history, Camp Tuscazoar is Ohio's most historic camp. In rustic cabins and wilderness campsites young people can spend weekends surrounded by nature, endure the elements, explore the heritage of the pioneers who settled the lands and blazed trails, and discover the Indian wisdom of ages past.

The established facility contains parking, permanent restrooms along with cabin or primitive camping areas. To make reservations for a cabin or camping visit



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