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Get out of line and ride into what's next...

Get out of line and ride into what's next...

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The Ohio Interscholastic Racing League is an interscholastic high school mountain bike race series that is coordinated by 331 Racing and sanctioned by USA Cycling. The 5-race series is open to ANY high school in Ohio.

Our mission is to grow the sport of cycling while promoting active and healthy lifestyles for high school students. We want students to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful Ohio trails. At the same time, we hope to encourage more students to race bicycles.

The OIRL High School Mountain Bike Series is held under USA Cycling permit and is open to any high school student in the State of Ohio. Each event has a J.V. and Varsity race with both girls and boys categories. Most races held primarily on single-track trails, and most races are multiple-lap events to provide a spectator-friendly experience. Racers do NOT need to be on a school team to participate nor do racers need to have any race experience. Each race venue offers racers a challenging multiple-lap event on incredible trails.

The Ohio Interscholastic Ohio High School Series is a great way to learn about mountain bike racing in a supportive environment. If you like to mountain bike and are even considering racing, this is your chance. Sign up for a race! You will have a blast!

High school mountain biking is one of the fastest growing interscholastic sports in the country. High school leagues have been successfully operating in California for a number of years, and new leagues have sprung up in 13 other states, such as Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Virginia.

331 Racing has been conducting youth mountain bike training over the summer for kids ages 4-13 since 2011. This year we have expanded the youth skills training to include high school age, 14-18 kids. This group will focus on beginning mountain skills as well as more advanced skills and cycling endurance, including cycling training programs and group rides.

331 Racing has been promoting cycling events since 2000 and we are excited to be able to now offer a high school race series for students athletes.

Concept to reality

Concept to reality

2013 was the inaugural year for the Ohio Interscholastic Racing League. District 1, Northeast Ohio is entering the second season of OIRL mountain bike racing. All Ohio schools are invited to race in the District 1 race season while we build resources and contacts to expand to other districts closer to your school system. Our approach is to launch and refine locally in NE Ohio and then expand to other districts (see "About page" for expansion plans)

Our #1 goal is to establish school contacts to create school-based clubs and teams.

Here is a list of current schools forming clubs

High Schools with Official MTBR Clubs
St. Ignatius
Holy Name

Looking for other racers in your school? Below is a list of schools that have been represented in the OIRL

Hudson HS
Stow HS
St. Ignatius HS
Holy Name HS
Wooster HS
Jackson HS
Manchester HS
Highland HS
Lake Ridge Academy
Copley-Fairlawn HS
Revere HS
Medina Christian Home School Friends
Montgomery County Composite

Volunteer your time, skills or services

Volunteer your time, skills or services

We need your help. The OIRL is dedicated to establishing school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Ohio and developing biking programs for student athletes. If you would like to become involved please contact us.
email: 331 Interscholastic Coordinators

2015 Race Schedule (District 1)

2015 Race Schedule (District 1)

Saturday, August 22 - 2:00 p.m.
Findley State Park XC & Team Relay
Wellington, OH

Saturday, Aug. 29 - 2:00 p.m.
Vulture's Knob XC
Wooster, OH

Saturday, September 12 - 2:00 p.m.
Reagan Park XC
Medina, OH

Saturday, Sept 19 - 2:00 p.m.
Royalview Time Trial
Strongsville, OH

Saturday, Sept 26 - 2:00 p.m.
Vulture's Knob XC & Team Relay
Wooster, OH

Saturday October 3
State Championship High School Mountain Bike Race
Mohican State Park
EVENT DETAILS - coming soon

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