Dr. Knob's Malevolent Team Challenge

Vulture's Knob Oktoberfest "Team Challenge" | September 29 2018

Dr. Knob's Malevolent Team Challenge

This is no place to lollygag, cruise and dawdle, here you gotta push, pedal, jump and corner!


Team Relay Race
Team Time Trial
Downhill Race
Mini Adventure Race (Updated for 2018)

Interlaced amongst the Killbuck Valley hillside is a trail system that offers varied terrain and trails only limited by the imagination of those wielding the tools to sculpt this junk filled earth. Vulture's Knob beckons unto you for a day of fun with friends in a unique and challenging mountain bike format: Dr. Knobs Malevolent Team Challenge

Grab three carefully selected friends and begin to prepare for a day of racing unlike any other in your cycling experience.

Your team will be faced with competing in four events, with each member's effort contributing to the overall composite final time.

PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY EVENT This unique Vulture's Knob fundraiser is a pre-registration only event. Registration will close at noon September 28th.

"see details tab for event specifics" |

Saturday evening is Friends of Vultures Knob night - throw on your new FOVK shirts and hats and support VK's future!

PUT LUCK DINNER: Saturday evening bring your favorite dish to share with everyone and help celebrate a season of racing. Music, food and good times will accompany.

following completion of all events the days events will be recognized and presented awards, guaranteed to be unique and funky!

**EVENT WEATHER UPDATE: ** Event delays, cancellations and other weather related information will be posted here.


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Dr. Knob's Malevolent Team Challenge

September 29 | Saturday
Race #1 - Adventure Race (Updated for 2018) 10:00am start
Race #2 - Downhill Race
Race #3 - Team Time Trial
Race #4 - Team Relay Race

The Adventure Race - Your day begins with the (Formerly known as what direction is the XC loop going to go stage #1) and now will be your four rider team. You will “race” to reach 4 of 5 checkpoints, in any order, while also searching for “hidden” items for the chance to receive time bonuses, then return to the start/finish in the least amount of time. Checkpoint locations will remain secret until start-time and there is no suggested route, please use caution because there is potential of two way traffic, uphill riders have the right of way!! - More information on these rules to come.

The Downhill Race - All four of you will gather your will and courage in the upper field to begin the sprint into the downhill course, jumping (if you care to), twisting and rolling your way all the way to the Killbuck Valley. Your times will be tracked from top to bottom, your team mates leaving in one minute intervals. Once at the bottom, re-group, catch a collective breath and switch mental gears.

The Uphill Team Time Trial - Looming just pedal strokes away from the downhill finish... four individuals working as one, racing up the rocky lane toward the vista located above the valley's canopy of green. In true team fashion, the time will be set by the third person across the finish line, allowing for at least one member of your group to slow down to vomit, curl up in a ball, and maybe cry a little. Give each other a high five and get that spirit ready for the next anaerobic thrashing.

The Team Short Track Relay Race - Each member taking turns in relay fashion to complete a total of 12 laps around the 1 mile short track course, each team faced with a unique handoff, as is tradition, at the completion of each lap. It'll be an all out brawl in the transition zone, so have a plan in place on where to make the swap and be as efficient as possible. The team's total time will be logged when the final rider completes lap 12.

Not only will fitness and a good bit of luck foretell your team's opportunity for victory, so too will carefully selecting your team members. In an effort to encourage those with less testosterone, experience, or wisdom that would normally keep a sane person from joining this effort, we are offering a time bonus for Women, Under 18 Juniors, over age 60 big kids, and Clydesdales over 225 pounds. Each team may apply the time bonus category to each member who qualifies, thus a bonus may used 4 times per team, however only one time bonus per individual. Example: Your team has 3 men (age 17, 24, 65, all under 225#s) and one women (age 15)...you will receive a xx minute bonus for the 60+ male, a xx minute bonus for the under 18 male, and a xx minute bonus for the female = xx minutes off your total time. Example number two, your team has two juniors and two women...you will receive two xx minute bonus for the junior category and two xx minute bonus for the women category = xx minutes off your total time. Strategy is key, select your team mates with care!

CAMPING - Primitive camping is available and encouraged - cold, uncomfortable showers available.

Race Fees:
This is a Vulture's Knob Fundraiser. All proceeds will go directly to the trail system.
$200 per team

PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY EVENT This unique Vulture's Knob fundraiser is a pre-registration only event.

Q-What's up with this time bonus, 15 minutes seems very generous?
A- Choose your teams wisely and you will be awarded - the time bonus is to encourage diversity in your team selection.

Q- How is start order determined for the events?
A- the XC and team relay are mass start events. The Downhill start times will be determined based on date entry is received.

Q- How many can be on a team?
A- 4

Q- What are the divisions/classes?
A- one open division, chose your team members wisely

Q- Short Track Relay Race laps?
A - A special "passing of the baton" will be required between each lap, no multi-staking laps. The "baton" has varied from a Hawaiian Lai to a big bold pink bra...expect a fun surprise for this year. Teams must alternate through all four riders in a sequential order.

Q - Can I use my quiver of specific bikes for each race discipline and have them staged throughout the venue?
A - Choose your bike wisely my friend, for only 1 bike will be allowed, in other words the same bike must be used for all 4 races.

Q - Can I use my downhill bike for the downhill race, my XC bike for the XC race, my short track bike for the short track race and my time trial bike for the team trial?
A- only 1 bike for all 4 events, in other words the same bike must be used for all 4 races so choose your bike and teammates wisely.

Q - Where can i find teammates?
A - Want to participate in Dr. Knob's Malevolent Team Challenge but don't have three friends you can convince to join you on a team? Check the top of the 331 Facebook page for a post allowing folks to post up in the comment area if they are seeking teammates.

Vulture's Knob is privately owned and maintained by The Friends of Vultures Knob. VK consists of 125 acres along the majestic and mighty Killbuck River in the rolling hills of Wooster Ohio. The trail system about 30 miles southwest of Akron and has hosted a full mountain bike race schedule, including night races, a 24 hour race, and an adventure race, "The Knob" is considered the most technical single track in northeastern Ohio. Small painted signs give indication about what to expect around the next turn, with names like Rock Tunnel, Fern Gully, Oh Sh#!, Friar Bryan's Forest, Ant City ...well, you get the idea. Creative and fun.

Dr. Knob's Malevolent Team Challenge

Vulture's Knob helped launch and establish the sport over 25 years ago. However, this has not always been the case; this venue was once a county farmers land fill. The Friends of Vultures Knob has accepted the environmental challenge no one else dared to consider and turned it into a sustainable venture with mountain bike and running trails, a 6 acre mulch and organic food waste facility, and evergreen tree farm with several thousand trees. We aim to continue our efforts to clean and develop this once useless 125 acres.

The established facility contains parking, permanent restrooms and shower facilities, primitive camping areas, a staging area with pavilion at the start finish line that provides the backbone for a network of challenging single track and technical trails. Over 100 races have been run at the Knob including epic 12 hour and 24 hour races, adventure races along with the popular cross-country race series. The facilities are open 365 days a year for open riding and camping. Thousands of people from all over the country visit Vulture's Knob year round, not just to race, but for the daily open riding, it is one of the most reviewed trails in Ohio according to mountain bike trail review pages.

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