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Vultures Knob

funded by donations | built by volunteers

funded by donations | built by volunteers

Annually, our expenses are increasing to keep this trail system open. This is why we need your help and over the past several years we've done it together! We don't receive gov't assistance, grants or tax breaks. We are responsible for all the basics (taxes, electric, garbage disposal, bathroom rental, tractor upkeep, trail building materials, etc) We rely on open riding trail donations each time you visit along with sponsorship and race income to keep this trail open for your enjoyment and to purchase additional supplies for the trail features. Its not an easy task by any means as all our time is volunteered! Many of you have asked us for an easier way to donate over the years rather then $5.00 each visit. We are now offering a donor $30.00 voluntary Vulture's Knob membership as a convenience so you won't have to visit the orange donation can each and every visit. This donation helps to keep a good thing going! The mountain bike community really appreciates your donation! Thank you!

Donate Vulture's Knob - Trail Fund Vulture's Knob needs your help!

Vulture's Knob needs your help!

"We aim to keep it simple" please lend a hand or a dollar!
A simple $5.00 donation per visit - either donate online or sign in at the Lizard Lounge and donate to the orange barrel in the pavilion
$30 annual donor membership
$50 family donor membership
$____ other amount

Thank you for your supporting the trail system.

All supporters of the trail system and receive instant good trail karma. Ride as much as you can! Please click on the donate button below.

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