Vulture's Knob Mountain Bike Park

Vultures Knob
Welcome to Ohio's oldest privately owned, open to the public mountain bike trail system. Funded by donations and built by volunteers... 20 years of blood, sweet and gears!

Please visit Vulture's Knob Facebook Page" for overall trail conditions/closures - please note we will not post updates after every rain drop, please use common sense and give the trail a chance to drain and dry after storms.
For rider reported trail conditions or to actively report conditions please check out MTBproject"

Vulture's Knob is 125 acres along the majestic and mighty Killbuck River in the rolling hills of Wooster Ohio. The facilities are open 365 days a year for open riding via donations or volunteer memberships! This venue offers a glimpse into the past with old school fall line trails mixed with newer design concepts and features. The trails offer up some of the most challenging singletrack and most unique man made outdoor trail features the area has to offer. Over 110 races have been run at the Knob including epic 12 hour and 24 hour races, cyclocross, adventure races along with the popular annual cross-country race series.

4300 Mechanicsburg Rd Wooster Ohio 44691
+40 51' 3.13", -81 58' 50.34"

WARNING: slow down while driving the dry and dusty entrance into the park. The gravel road can not handle high speeds and is requiring much maintenance. We've had several close calls of vehicles slamming into each other on the turn. Please be smart and don't be "that guy". Thank you.

funded by donations | built by volunteers

funded by donations | built by volunteers

The trail system is about 30 miles southwest of Akron, 50 south of Cleveland and 90 miles north of Columbus. The venue has hosted a full mountain bike race schedule, including night races, 24 hour races, Xterra trail run races and adventure races, "The Knob" is considered the most unusual technical single track in northeastern Ohio. Small painted signs give indication about what to expect around the next turn, with names like Rock Tunnel, Fern Gully, Oh Sh#!, the Cradle, Friar Bryan's Forest, Ant City ...well, you get the idea. Creative and fun from the many log bridges to the cradle bridge and suspension bridge.

Upon arrival, Dr. Knob simply asks that you head to the pavilion as you must sign a release form and please make a donation to help with the expenses of a privately owned trail. Most importantly - have a good time! Click here Your First Visit" for additional info.

funded by donations | built by volunteers

Mission of our manifesto #1:

Mission of our manifesto #1: "to save Ohio's only private mountain bike trail system, Vulture's Knob

311 has dug deep and compiled our resources to help rescue this property several years ago and we continue to own and operate this legendary trail system and mountain bike race course. Quite frankly, this is part of the reason 331 exists! To save Vulture's Knob, the very trails we grew up racing on!
To give you a little history... the trails did not always exist, this venue was once a small county farmers landfill, capped in 1970. We're constantly on the move working to turn this once useless property into a sustainable venture with mountain bike and running trails, a 6 acre mulch and organic food waste facility, and evergreen tree farm. We aim to continue our efforts to develop this 125 acre bike park with additional free-ride trails, downhill runs, and a jump park. We can't image anything else ever existing on this land.

For the 331 crew, a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to not only save them, but to develop them responsibly.

Vulture's Knob needs your help!

Vulture's Knob needs your help!

Annually, our expenses are increasing to keep this trail system open. This is why we need your help and over the past several years we've done it together! We don't receive gov't assistance, grants or tax breaks. We are responsible for all the basics (taxes, electric, garbage disposal, bathroom rental, tractor upkeep, trail building materials, etc) We rely on open riding trail donations each time you visit along with sponsorship and race income to keep this trail open for your enjoyment and to purchase additional supplies for the trail features. Its not an easy task by any means as all our time is volunteered! Many of you have asked us for an easier way to donate over the years rather then $5.00 each visit. We are now offering a donor $30.00 voluntary Vulture's Knob membership as a convenience so you won't have to visit the orange donation can each and every visit. This donation helps to keep a good thing going! The mountain bike community really appreciates your donation! Thank you!

"We aim to keep it simple" please lend a hand or a dollar!
A simple $5.00 donation per visit - either donate online or sign in at the Lizard Lounge and donate to the orange barrel in the pavilion
$30 annual donor membership
$50 family donor membership
$____ other amount

Thank you for your supporting the trail system.

All supporters of the trail system and receive instant good trail karma. Ride as much as you can! Please click on the donate button below.

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