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This is how to roll...

This is how to roll...

Mountain Bike Race Guidelines

The following Guidelines and Rules are to be adhered to by all event promoters and competitors for 331 events. The intent of these rules are to provide consistency from race to race within the series and support a safe, enjoyable racing experience for all involved.


It is each and every competitor's responsibility to be aware of and to comply with these rules! Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

- Be kind to everyone. Nobody likes "that guy". Don't be that guy.
- If somebody is hurt on course and you find them, it is YOUR responsibility to find a course marshal and let them know! No race is so important that you can't help someone out.
- Only registered racers may compete in an event. No kidding, you must be registered to race. An official race number plate must be displayed by each racer. No competitor shall cut, fold, mutilate, apply stickers to or alter in any way the number plate. Numbers are not transferable. Penalty is simple, the score table will not be able to score you, when you complain it will lead to disqualification.
- All competitors must wear a properly secured helmet, complying to DOT or CPSC Standards at all times during competition as well as when pre-riding or warming up on the course.
- Competitors must wear proper riding attire, including a shirt, shorts, and fully-enclosed shoes during competition.
- MP3 players, and other personal listening devices are allowed but must not interfere with a racer's awareness of other racers and their surroundings on the race course.
- Each competitor is responsible for having their bike in good operating condition. All Competitors must be self sufficient. All repairs during a race must be performed by the individual racers. Tools and spare parts used in a repair must be carried by the racer. No off-course assistance is allowed. Exception to this rule - If the racer makes it back to the scoring table, the officials may grant aid to the racer (such as a spare bike or parts) and allow the contestant to re-enter the race where he left off and finish that race as not to have a DNF.
Spare Bike This is grass roots racing, a fun encouraging environment is encouraged. For the Endurance Races a spare bike may be kept in the staging/pit area. If the racer makes it back to the staging area the contestant is allowed to re-enter the race where he left off and finish that race as not to have a DNF.
- Deviation from the marked course will result in disqualification unless the competitor reenters the course at point of exit. If you cut the course, intentionally or not, own up to it, we'll let you finish in last place (it happens, we understand) and still earn points. If you don't own up to it, and at least 3 people can testify to it, we kick you out of the event and publicly humiliate you. It's not cool. This includes ducking under any flagging marking the boundaries of the finish chute. A competitor that purposely leaves the marked course during competition is deemed to have retired from the race and will be scored as a DQ or DNF.
- Feeding and/or "hand-ups" may occur when your hungry or thirsty and on any part of the course. However any interference with another competitor during a hand-up is grounds for disqualification so be safe and smart and educate your crew. Designated feed zones may be available at each event, please try to use them to avoid interference with other racers.
- Any competitor littering the course with a gel packet, food wrappers or other waste will be publicly addressed and humiliated at any given chance by anyone and will be asked to walk the track in bare feet and pick up all the garbage left by the race. Tread lightly and take out what you bring in. Keep our trails beautiful.
- A competitor on their bike has the right-of-way over one pushing their bike. Lapped racers must yield the track immediately. Yield the track (fastest part of the trail) when possible when asked. It is the responsibility of an overtaking rider to pass safely. No racer is expected to stop their race to allow other racers to pass. However, no rider shall intentionally impede the progress of another. A rider should make his/her presence known when overtaking a slower rider (i.e. "On your left. Please!"). Especially in single-track, await return communication from the rider being overtaken that it is safe to pass.
- The use of profanity or flagrant discourtesy directed at another competitor, race worker, or spectator is grounds for disqualification from an individual event, first offense, and the series upon the second offense!
- No cheating, bad sportsmanship, throwing bikes, temper tantrums, uproarious behavior, or making a scene. We'll kick you out on principle.
- Mountain biking is an individual sport, entering into agreements or forming alliances (monetary or otherwise) to control or alter the results of a race will result in disqualification from that individual event.
- A race may be stopped by the race director in case of severe injury to a rider or life threatening weather. Racers failing to heed the instruction of medical personal and/or course marshals attending to an injured rider will be disqualified!
- The sale of merchandise or display of products for promotional purposes at 331 events without the permission of 311 Promotions and the individual event director is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to banners, tents, and anything not permanently attached to a vehicle that a competitor has driven to an event.
-If you think there is an error in your results, bring it to scorers attention like a responsible adult, that is why we supply preliminary results during the race. If you corner race officials and attack them about a finish error, we will kick you out and DNF you on principle. Nobody deserves that kind of behavior.
- Protests of results, the conduct of a racer, or any other matters related to the race may only be filed by a competitor in the event or a race official. Protests must be reported to or filed with a timing official within 10 minutes of the completion of an event, posting of results, or a ruling to be considered valid. All results become final as of the presentation of awards.

Final interpretation of the rules is up to the event director. These individuals have control over all competitors, scorers, and officials at their event and their decision on these rules, and any situations not specifically covered by these rules is final.


If racing in a "series" the following rules apply to you.


Beginner: (Men & women age 13 and above) A Beginner Category competitor shall be a new or recreational racer with limited riding time. Racers with 2 or more years of race experience and/or training more than 4 hours per week should compete in the Sport class. For those finishing at the top of their age class we strongly encourage that you move up the Sport class for the next race season. The race distance for Beginner Category events will be 6-15 miles.

Sport: (Men & women age 13 above) A Sport Category competitor is an experienced racer of average ability. For those finishing at the top of their age class for 2 consecutive years we encourage that you move up to the Expert or Sport Plus class for the next race season. The race distance for Sport Category Series events will be 15-30 miles.

Sport Plus: (Men & women age 13 above) A Sport Plus Category competitor is an experienced racer of above average ability. For those finishing at the top of this class for 2 consecutive years we encourage that you move up to the Expert class for the next race season. The race distance for Sport Plus Category Series events will be 15-30 miles.

Expert: An Expert Category competitor is a racer looking for a challenge beyond Sport. The race distance for Expert Category will be 25-40 miles.

Fat Tire: an open age category for all bikes with 3.8"+ tires sizes. All ages and genders are combined for this fun and unique class.

A competitor's racing age is used for class placement and is determined by their age as of December 31 of the current year.

Mountain Bike Series events are scored in these categories and classes: Classes may be combined if less then 5 racers in any single category.

Race Categories (Divisions) & Classes
All numbers denote age in years

Beginner | Sport
- Junior/18 & U
- Senior/19-29
- Master/30-39
- Master/40-49
- Master/50+

Sport Plus
- All ages and Gender in one class

- Junior 18&U
- Senior 19-39
- Master 40+
** - Juniors and Masters may choose to race in the Senior 19-39 class if they so desire.

Women |Beginner|Sport|Women
- Junior/18 & U
- Senior/19+

Women Expert
- All ages combined

Fat Tire
- Open class - all ages and genders combined

mid series
Changing classes is seriously frowned upon once you have started the season. Its not as easy to change in the computer as you think. If you believe you warrant a class change a $10.00 administration fee will be required and pointís carryover will be at the discretion of the series officials.

Pre-Online registration will be available for all 331 Promotions races. In most cases pre-registration will earn you a discounted rate for that event. Please preregister as it helps with data entry. Racers will fill out a registration form at their first race of the season, for all following races the racer will be provided a pre-printed form with all information printed on it. The pre-printed form will only require a signature of the contestant. If you do not have access to pre-register online feel free to call series official to do so, 330-350-1553.


see individual race pages or 331 Speed Pass page


Individual Event Awards:
Beginner, Sport, Expert: The top finishers in each age and sex class, at each event, will receive awards, prizes or cash at the discretion of the event organizer. The number of places awarded is based on the average number of racers in each class. Classes may be combined if less than 5 racers in any single category.

Youth, Beginner and Sport: The top 3 in each age and sex class will receive an award in recognition of their overall result. Overall division winners may be presented with additional prizes.
Expert: Overall: The top 3 overall Expert men and women will be presented with award to commemorate their accomplishment. The possibility exists for merchandise and cash awards above and beyond the plaques. Those receiving an overall award will be excluded from receiving an age class award. Overall division winners may be presented with additional prizes.

Series award winners wishing to claim their award are strongly encouraged to participate in the official awards ceremony at the conclusion of the series as winners must be present to claim award.
To be scored in the OPS Series overalls, a competitor must compete in a minimum of 6 of the 14 series events. A DNF "will" count towards series qualification as 1 point. Best 6 of 14 race results used in series scoring. In case of a tie, head-to-head results at the Reagan Park Single Track Time Trial will be used to determine placing. If a tie still remains, a tie will be declared and both racers will receive equal awards, with the next place being dropped or if both parties agree - an arm wrestling competition to determine winner.

POINTS: Points awarded at each individual OPS Series race toward series overall scores are listed in the Point Scale table below.

Fixed Point System
In each race of the series, points are assigned as follows:
1st 50 points, 2nd 40 points, 3rd 31 points, 4th 23 points, 5th 16 points, 6th 10 points, 7th 9 points, 8th 8 points, 9th 7 points, 10th 6 points, 11th 5 points, 12th 4 points, 13th 3 points, 14th 2 points, 15th 1 point, etc..
Series Points Scale
1st 50
2nd 40
3rd 31
4th 23
5th 16
6th 10
7th 9
8th 8
9th 7
10th 6
11th 5
12th 4
13th 3
14th 2
15th - 99th 1
(DNF's receive 1 points)

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