The AOA Multi-Stage Mayhem Enduro | May 26, 2013


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2013 UPDATE:


**on-site registration at venue is available on Saturday May 25 from 6-8pm and Sunday 8-9:30am**
- New Solo Divisions | Open Male & Open Female
- $1000 for 1st place in solo divisions
- Spectator hiking trail

THE WILDS - Cumberland, OH

From Europe to America with Love... we introduce to you an emerging race format, a new way to ride, race and enjoy good times with friends. The multi-stage Enduro.

Learn to form a new set of expectations my good friends because this event is going down totally different. This is a team format, (2 to 4 person) multi-stage time trial event. Groups of teams will depart on a quest like no other. While on course your team will encounter 5 timed sections that will focus mainly on gravity runs with some features. But it's Ohio so there will be some climbs and plenty of sprinting. Each section will feature a "safe" line and a more advanced line. Think risk = reward. Each rider from your team will take an individual run on each 3-6 minute trail section. The fastest two individual times from each section will be combined for your team's overall scoring.

Look at it this way... no one is jockeying for position, cutting you off, holding you up on a decent or climb. We are going to time you on the best portions of trail AOA and the Wilds can throw at you...ride at your pace from station to station, tell stories, talk trash, or eat up some performance enhancing wafers. If you've ever done a group ride you know this is the way it goes down... you ride casually then when the fun stuff is staring you down it's nothing but all out effort as you either try to drop your friends for bragging rights or simply find that groove that defines the ride. The effort turns to smiles as the wind silences the conversation and the flow of the trail commands your attention, skills and soul. Legendary, award-winning ales and lagers from Sierra Nevada will be awaiting you as we celebrate the Mayhem Enduro and the good times that will come with it.

Course preview and team practice will be available on Saturday. Camping is available free of charge. Tents, campers, trailers, bonfires, and mobile homes welcome. The Wilds, one of the world's largest conservation centers is next door for you and the family to explore before, during or after the event.

This race is not for those with poor attitudes or the inability to try something new. If you're in a hurry to race and hit the road to get back to your busy life this may be a race best left off your calendar. We've added an additional bye to the Power Series to accommodate you.

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This is a fundraiser for Appalachia Outdoor Adventures (AOA) a charter member of the International Mountain Bike Association, and will be run and administered by AOA. They are even going to let the 331 crew take a break from our weekend race day duties and participate in this race, how could we say no?

What about Power Series awards? How is this going down and will my teams performance effect my ranking?
This event is all about the team, but we are keeping tabs on your individual effort, so no hiding behind your strongest riders as your individual time for each section will be tallied and used for computation of points for the Ohio Power Series. We will not issue individual awards on this day, no cash or prizes for individual performance, I doubt we'll even compile individual results on race day. We'll post em several days after. We'd rather hear about the camaraderie of the team. Awards will be based on team performance. You can speculate about who's the fastest overall, who won your class or dominated your age division. We'll keep you guessing for a few days and then will post individual combined stage times and Ohio Power Series division results. Traditional Power Series Points will be awarded.

To quote Harlan Price in Dirt Rag's February 2012 cover story..."Enduro racing tends to emphasize the technical skills that some cross county riders don't possess and the endurance many downhillers ignore.

**on-site registration is available on Saturday May 25 from 6-8pm and Sunday 8-9:30am**

**EVENT WEATHER UPDATE: ** Check here for weather related information

See details tab below for rules and how the event will be organized.

Click Here for online registration - REGISTRATION CLOSES FRIDAY MAY 24 AT 4:30PM - **on-site registration is available on Saturday May 25 from 6-8pm and Sunday 8-9:30am**
Register online

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Race Fees:

- Series Pass - (The Enduro is not part of Series Pass for 2013 and 6 pack pricing coupon not valid for this event)

You may compete solo or on a team with 2-4 people. Registration includes practice, race entry, 2 beer tickets with dinner on Sunday.

Solo | $40 - early bird
Solo | $50 - April 12-May 10
Solo | $65 - May 11 - May 25
Solo | $75 - Day of Event

TEAM DIVISION - per person
Team | $30 - early bird
Team | $40 - April 12-May 10
Team | $55 - May 11 - May 25
Team | $65 - Day of Event

Become a premier supporter of the AOA trail systems and donate $100 and receive a free entry and event t-shirt.

TEAM | ROUND UP FOR AOA SUPPORTER - $100 (per person)

$10 additional dinner ticket for guest or family
$15 Mayhem event t-shirt - 100% of the proceeds from t-shirts go to funding AOA trail projects.

* as events continue to grow we have raised the day of race registration simply to encourage pre-registration. This enables us to prepare food orders, ensure accurate start times and avoid delays due to data processing of late participant entries. Pre-reg also gives us a direct line of communication in the event the race is delayed or canceled though the event email system.

Raise or donate $250.00 and receive a free t-shirt and registration
Raise or donate $100 and receive a free t-shirt

The AOA Sponsorship form

If you read nothing else, please read THIS:
We strongly encourage racers to pre-ride the course, to look at the advanced sections, and make sure they are
confident with their line choice. Advanced sections mandate jumping.

EVENT SCHEDULE (Check back for periodic updates)
Discounts for Wilds tours will be in race packets. Visit

Venue gates open for primitive camping by 5pm. Portolets will be on site. Bring your own fire wood.

Practice: Dawn to dusk (we strongly encourage racers to check out the trails ahead of time either on Saturday or before)
6:00-8:00pm - Registration/ packet pickup*
8:00 PM Free dinner from Creno's Pizza! or bring your own BBQ and enjoy a toasty campfire

8:30-9:00 Registration*
8:30-11:30 Packet pickup
10:00 First Starter (Team division)**
12:30 Solo Women**
1:00 Solo Men**
3pm- Dinner (Bill's BBQ)
4-5pm- Awards

**These are general guidelines subject to change based on number of participants. Actual start times will be posted for each team and rider.

Event total Length approximately 13 miles

Distance of timed sections as of 3/1/13
Section #1: 1 mile
Section #2: .75 mile
Section #3: .4 mile
Section #4: 1 mile
Section #5: 1.1 mile

Time to complete 1.5-3hrs


OPEN SOLO DIVISIONS - Open Male & Open Female
OPEN TEAM DIVISION - Team with 2-4 people, see below

The team option of this event in particular is novel: a Team Enduro. The team format is the key to making this event fun for riders of any ability or discipline. The terrain is meant to challenge both XC and DH riders, with the bypass lines being just slightly slower than the technical lines.

Details on how the event will be run:

- Teams will leave the start in pre-designated groups of about 10 riders
- Solos will leave in pre-designated groups of about 4 riders
- Groups will start in waves 10 min apart (teams) or 5 min apart (solos)
- Groups will be following a marked course of Green arrows and course tape
- When groups arrive at a start of race section for the timed section, they will identify themselves to the starter and state whether they are ready to start. Starter will give the team the ok, and start the team with 10-30 seconds between teammates.
- Upon finishing the section, the team can regroup and ride to the next section
- Sections 1 and 2 will be timed manually. Like last year, YOU are responsible for keeping your time card for these sections and TURN IT IN AT THE END OF SECTION 2.
- Sections 3-5 will be timed with chips. Please prepare to call out your name and number to the race officials if needed at the end of each section
- For teams, the fastest TWO times will be used for scoring for each section.

RULES (For any discrepancy, final judgment will be made by race organizers at the event)

- Teams must stay and finish together or suffer 10 second penalty per each rider who doesn't arrive at each section with the team.
- Teams must be ready at their designated race start time for the start of the Enduro - If not on time they will go at the end of the starting list
- Riders who jump the start on any given timed section will get a 10 second penalty
- It is ok to pass another team if they are stopped for a mechanical or just going to slow
- Riders do not get reruns, unless timers call a timing error or course shut down
- Riders must finish the course within 3 hrs.
- Timing deductions are for team and are intended to level the playing field and encourage all sorts of team make ups
o Women will get a 10% timing deduction
o Riders over 50 years - 5%, over 60 - 10%
o Riders over 215 lb - 5%. We will have a scale, without pack
o Youth (17 & under) - 10%
o Deductions are additive! ie. a 215 lb woman over 60 gets 25%!

Course cutting
- Any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the marked course will be disqualified
- The organizer will appoint special 'Flying Marshals' to travel around the course at their own discretion to
undisclosed points. These 'Flying Marshals' will report rule violations to the organizer.


- Advanced lines (on timed sections only) will be arrowed with Pink "X's" and yellow caution tape, all Advanced lines will have Green By-Passes. All features on the main trail (where there are no bypasses) are rideable, but some require a speed check to do so safely. We strongly advise that you do not hit advanced lines without seeing them first, as some contain mandatory gap jumps.
- Passing- you may pass in a race section at any time. Teams may pass during transfer sections if needed (ie the team in front of you has a mechanical or is going way too slow for you). Please start your team in orders A,B,C,D if possible for sections 1 and 2 (manual timing).
- Please avoid distracting the time keepers- they have a tedious job so only ask a question if necessary and when they are not actively engaged in timing.
- Please KEEP MOVING! A brief rest after your timed section is fine, but the flow of this race is dependent upon riders continuing to move along the course.
- If you need to bail, ask a time keeper for the shortest way out! Please notify a time keeper and an official at the start/finish if you DNF so that we aren't looking for you. We have decided not to disqualify the whole team for a DNF, but the team will be given a 30 second time penalty for each DNF.
- There may be bonus events for prizes- TBA

Times will be posted at the main venue as they become available
Awards will be done as soon as results are tallied.

Rider Equipment
Each rider must be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the race. Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are a large part of the spirit of enduro racing and riders are encouraged to carry adequate equipment for operating in mountainous environments. Each rider should remember that they are solely responsible for themselves but should also help other competitors on course where possible.

"PRACTICE" Trail Directions: Prior to the event weekend the trail head for practice is located on State Route 146. It is across from the intersection of 146 and Zion Ridge Road (in the field to the north). It is around 6 miles west of Cumberland on the right, and 18 miles east of Zanesville on the left.

The Wilds is one of the largest and most innovative wildlife conservation centers in the world. Located on nearly 10,000 acres in southeast Ohio, it is home to rare and endangered species from around the world living in natural, open-range habitat, as well as home to hundreds of indigenous species. In addition to innovative, in-depth science and education programs. The mountain bike trails are on the other side of the road from the preserve. Check out to arrange a tour!

NOTE: The use of generators in the upper (main) parking area will be permitted between 8am and 9pm. If you wish to use a generator outside of that time frame, you may park in the lower lot.


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Race Directions:
Start/Finish and camping at the Wilds North Country Camp. 1.5 miles north on Watson Rd. Watson will be marked (its 2 miles east of the Wilds MTB Trailhead, on SR 146).

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