331 Promotions - New EXPERT divisions for 2012

New EXPERT divisions for 2012

New EXPERT divisions for 2012

- Junior 18 & under
- Senior 19-34
- Master 35-44
- Master 45+

We've been watching the sport and beginner classes swell over the last couple of years, yet it seems the expert class does not share in this progression. After the suggestions of a few racers we've decided to redistribute the age categories in the expert division. As the expert class grows we will continue to refine.

Wonder if it's time for you to move up to the next class? Of course this is a fun series, but it's competitive too, so in keeping the playing field fair and equal, here's the guidelines for moving up a class.

- You finished on the podium last year (top 3 series finishers move up)
- You finished 1st in 2 or more races in your class last year
- You've seen a marked improvement in your efforts of the off season, or need a challenge.

Remember, the only way for newcomers to have the same thrill you have, is if they are able to compete at a level that's appropriate for them. (in other words by you moving up, helps keep Beginner truly beginner and keeps Sport truly sport) We appreciate your help keeping it fun for everyone.

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