331 Promotions - Vulture's Knob "It's a Groovy Series" race #3

Vulture's Knob

Vulture's Knob "It's a Groovy Series" race #3

Vintage bike show and bonus retro klunker race

Vulture's Knob "Groovy" Series Race #3
Presented by Chipotle

BIKE SHOW AND RETRO KLUNKER RACE - Immediately following the cross country race we will be holding - fun filled races featuring bikes of years past. Here's the details

This event takes us back to the origins of mountain biking, where poorly prepared gentlemen and ladies charge off down a big hill on bikes that just ain't up to the job. Leave the lycra, disc brakes, and suspension behind, just grab a clunker and bomb it.

The VKnob Klunker Champion will be crowned at the closing ceremony/party. All competitors (in these event(s)) have to donate something or anything to the communal prize stash for each race entered.

Klunkers Races
Race number 1 = a clunker race | One rule -- you can't ride a mountain bike or anything suitable for the purpose. So that leaves anything old or inappropriate: choppers, shoppers, stingrays, BMX postie bikes, 20", 24", 26", 700c etc. The route is offroad, technical, rocky, and includes trails and roads. Well start somewhere then head down the lane to the new upper bowl trail, then back on the lane to the finish on Mcafee road

Race number 2 = the modern era of pre- 1995s mountain bike builds | anodized wonder bikes, Stumpjumpers, Zaskars, whatever, (no modern disk or v-brakes), same course as race number 2.

Race number 3 = a chopper race around the outhouse onto the lane and around back to start, a couple laps?

Best vintage apparel contest! (its a costume party!)

Bike show Categories

However, remember this is VKnob... there may be some twists thrown down between laps and on the course.

Updates & Changes for XC race
- WOMEN race for $20.00
- presentation of our 4th bike donation with "Bikes for Kids" serving underprivileged youth

- registration closes promptly at 4:30
- youth| kids "fun" races start at 4:00. XC race at 5:00

Online registration for race #3 is now open-sign up at www.331racing.com
$30 register online | $35 day of event

-Chipotle Burritos, Monster Energy Drink and Hammer Nutrition for all racers! DJs, bonfire, camping, bike show & bonus races.

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