331 Promotions - the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

2 time trials + 2 endurance race + 2 xc races

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How can a little bit of everything hurt so good yet continue to push the boundaries of your personal thresholds - balance! 2011 brings 6 races to the series divided by 3 XC disciplines providing you with 2 opportunities to tweak and refine each type of race to achieve your personal best. Welcome to the 4th annual and updated version 4.6 of the North Eastern Ohio Power Series. This is not your typical cross country race series. We've tried that before, many times, in fact. And no matter what we did, it left the same bland taste in our mouths. But rather than using a tanking economy as an excuse to bag the whole race series, we switched it up and focused instead on what sets us apart. We scoured magazines for inspiration, held deep conversations with the local racers and friends, we listened to emails and seasoned veterans. Before we knew it, we were overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and we are doing our best to bring the tastiest morsels to fruition. The 2011 NEO Power series is here! Go at it...get it dialed, Win it. Here's how we do it: - We slap a smokin' hot course in front of you and entice you to go fast with outrageous prizes - Cash, Bike Frames from Jamis Bicycles, Swag from North Face, Oakley, Swiftwick and more. Recovery food provided by either Chipotle or Pizza Pan. Goodie bags filled with Monster Energy Drink and Hammer Nutrition, LUNA Bars, Revive, Emergen-C, Chamois Butter for all racers! Local bike shop sponsors going huge for the event prize tables.

We bring it...It's that simple - the rest is up to you!

NEO Power Series
stage #1 | Reagan Park Time Trial | June, 19 2011
stage #2 | Vulture's Knob Double Down Enduro | July 16 2011
stage #3 | The Thorn Time Trial | August 7 2011
stage #4 | The Big Valley Race at Camp Manatoc | September 3 & 4, 2011
stage #5 | West Branch Mini Enduro | September 18 2011
stage #6 | Vulture's Knob | October 15 2011


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