331 Promotions - the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

the NEO POWER SERIES is here!

2 time trials + 1 endurance race + 2 xc races

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How can a little bit of everything feel so good yet take it to another level - that's what we were thinking when we came up with the 3rd version of the North Eastern Ohio Power Series. We took a bunch of our favorite places to ride, tossed 'em together... & what cha know...it's a masterpiece! Here's how we do it: - We slap a smokin' hot course in front of you and entice you to go fast with outrageous prizes - Chipotle Burritos, Monster Energy Drink and Hammer Nutrition, Marathon Protein Bars, Cliff Mojo, Raw Revolution for all racers! It's that simple - the rest is up to you!

NEO Power Series
stage #1 | The Thorn Time Trial | July 18, 2010
stage #2 | The Big Valley Race at Camp Manatoc | September 4 & 5, 2010
stage #3 | West Branch Mini Enduro | September 19, 2010 !!-Double Points Race-!!
stage #4 | Reagan Park Time Trial | October 3, 2010
stage #5 | Vulture's Knob | October 16, 2010

NOTE | racers that pre-register online will be placed in the start order based on 2009 NEO Series Final Points Standings. All other racers will be placed in the order they register. Register day of event = traffic -or- register today = front of start order, clear trail & save a little $$

May the best overall, skilled racers step up onto the podium...do you have what it takes?


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