331 Promotions - Vulture's Knob XC Race + Woo Town SS Challenge Bonus Race + Group Therapy DH Session

Vulture's Knob XC Race + Woo Town SS Challenge Bonus Race + Group Therapy DH Session

Vulture's Knob XC Race + Woo Town SS Challenge Bonus Race + Group Therapy DH Session

Saturday - May 21

Remember the old adage from years ago, "until you live it, breath it, taste it... this my friend is Vulture's Knob." This line was coined by one of the VKnob founding fathers and is still going strong today. Was the wise ole Dr. Knob rambling about tasting the dirt or the competition, breathing the air or a new challenge, or chomping on some after race dinner dish or dishing out the days epic stories...well, it's all here and then some as your 2011 race entry gives you access to a single track battle that includes 1 giant Chipotle recovery Burrito as you cross the finish line and Monster Energy goodness to keep the vibe flowing late into the night. You gotta be here to Live it...and well...the XC Race is held on Saturday evening so there my friend is a chance to get all three -live it , feel it and taste it. The race is followed by a Bonfire, the DJ Madnote recovery party, primitive camping & good times. All racers will even receive a goodie bag at registration with Revive, Luna Bar, Emergen-C plus more... and the awards ceremony is like no-other...not to be missed. Our sponsors are going bigger and better each year including the 4th year at a chance to win a totally custom Groovy Cycleworks frame and fork, custom built to size with your design for paint and details.

Then to top it off...immediately following the Groovy Cycleworks cross country race we will embark on an epic journey known as the Woo Town SS Challenge. This is a fun filled, smile generating action packed, zany single speed short track mountain bike race. This event showcases the simplicity and purity of rock'n the single cog with twists and turns only the mighty Vulture's Knob will for sure throw your way... can you say pickled sombrero or Monster float?

A new division is being added to Vulture's Knob events for the 2011 season to bridge the gap between kids races and the full on cross country racing distances. 12-13 year olds. They will start approx 1 hour before the XC race and will be racing 1/3 a normal XC lap. See website for info.

On Sunday, May 22nd we'll be throwing down a "Group Therapy Session" on the new mini DH course starting at 10:30 sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. This is a free, non-timed gathering, let's call it a jam session if therapy doesn't work for you. Monster Beverages included.


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