331 Promotions - The 331 Season Speed Pass

The 331 Season Speed Pass

The 331 Season Speed Pass

Race all season for a discount | limited time offer

A very popular option last year, the season pass + speed pass returns for 2013. How can a little bit of everything feel so good yet continue to get better. Well during the months of January - March we will push the boundaries of financial discounts and incentives by slashing our race day fees in half. In addition each season pass will automatically receive a 331 Speed Pass which allows you to skip registration lines and proceed directly to the start line for each and every race. From April 1 - 15 the season pass price increases but is still priced at a discount over individual pre-reg prices.

Here's the how and why of it...while we want to see the sport of mountain biking grow, we're also on a mission to protect local trails and save Vulture's Knob from private development. It's a delicate balance of time, passion, commitment and love of trails and sport. We also want to simplify the race registration process for you as a participant as we grow, by allowing you to skip the day of race registration lines, proceeding directly to the start line for each and every race with your speed pass.* To accomplish these goals, we're offering you incentives to help us...you show us the love and we return in kind.

When you wheel into the start line we'll slap a smokin' hot course in front of you and entice you to go fast with outrageous events. It's that simple - we bring it....the rest is up to you!

* - Exception for the Mayhem Enduro, we need your smiling "team" at time of registration and the 2013 season pass does not include entry into the Mayhem, please purchase separately.


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