New DH Trails at Vulture's Knob

11-27-2010 - Vulture's Knob! - We are currently constructing a new Downhill trail system at Vulture's Knob. This trail system has been designed with jumps, rock gardens and other advanced features. We would like to suggest walking the course to familiarize yourself with the terrain before riding it. If you feel confident in your abilities and you do decide to ride these trails, please use caution and ride responsibly.

Please also be aware that this trail crosses or merges with the XC trail at a couple of locations. There are good sight lines at these spots, yet caution and good trail awareness are a must! We will create and implement a new signage system during the winter months. This new system will help define the different trails and lines as well as caution riders of advanced and technical trail features.

*A note about this trail system (and all trails for that matter)...Please do not ride the trails when they are wet and muddy! A lot of volunteer time and money have gone into this project! We do not want the trails damaged from riding in these conditions. Due to the nature of construction on this project, there is a lot of fresh sticky clay that is no fun to ride when it is wet. If your tires are leaving an impression in the soil, get off the trail!

Stay tuned for further updates and information regarding this new trail system. I the meantime, please have fun riding all the trails at Vulture's Knob, responsibly!

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