Mountain Bike Races

Mountain Bike Races

Camp Tuscazoar Reign of Pain
Endurance | May 16, 2020

Austin Badger XC
Cross Country | June 20, 2020

Medina Time Trial
Time Trial | July 5, 2020

Magnolia Gravel Galore
Gravel | August 15th
Dual points for Ohio Gravel Series and 331 Racing!
Presented by Magnolia Gravel Galore LLC

The Thorn XC (Findley State Park)
Cross Country | August 29, 2020

Camp Tuscazoar 331 Finale
Down Country | September 20th
(Pre-ride Sept 19th)

Registration to begin soon! Save the dates!


New for 2020, the Ohio Power Series belt buckle!

Series Rules:
Earn overall points for the series for each 1-3 place win. You must complete 4 of 6 races to qualify for the series.

Race Class Belt Buckle:
Complete all 6 series races and earn a commensurate belt buckle for your respective race class.

Top 3 Belt Buckle:
Expert brushed metal buckles go to the top three series winners in each respective class who have also completed all 6 races. You have a chance to be awarded both the "race class" buckle and the "top 3" buckle if all 6 are completed.

For those participating in the Tuscazoar Reign of Pain, your fastest individual lap counts as a completion for series and belt buckle.

Rules and Regulations (Under Construction)

331 Rules and Regulations - Mountain Bike

USA Cycling Rule Book

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